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this blog will be on an indefinite hiatus so that we can give our time to a new project that requires more of our time. for news about daily land theft in palestine follow ma’an news and imemc.


more palestinian farmland destroyed

more land burned and destroyed today by zionist colonists:

A group of armed Israeli settlers destroyed on Monday Palestinian owned lands in northern West Bank while the military kidnapped four farmers how tired to stop the attack.

Settlers came on Monday midday to lands owned by farmers from the villages of Jit and Amateen, both located near Nablus city and set it on fire, witnesses reported.

When farmers tried to stop the settlers attack and stop the fire from destroying their lands, Israeli troops guarding the settlers attacked the farmers and detained four of them.

house demolitions in nablus

in spite of recent news about the increased economic activities in nablus–salam fayyed’s idea of a palestinian state, new house demolitions come to nablus:

Despite the outcry raised by Palestinian and international human rights organizations, the Israeli military announced this weekend it plans to go ahead with 55 home demolitions in Nablus — a city deep inside the West Bank which is supposed to be under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

The homes in question are located in the Sawiya district in the city of Nablus, in the northern West Bank, an area with few Israeli settlements — although Israeli settlers have announced plans to expand the settlements located there.

“The Israeli decision constitutes a serious turning point in the development of Israeli attacks on Palestinian human rights,” said the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in a statement released on Friday. The group said that it is concerned that these 55 demolitions will set a precedent for further demolitions in areas that are supposed to be under Palestinian control.

Israeli forces have recently stepped up the rate of home demolitions, mainly in the East Jerusalem area, with the stated aim of creating “facts on the ground” that will be difficult to turn back if peace negotiations begin between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli home demolitions of Palestinian homes have been condemned on multiple occasions by the United Nations, as such demolitions are grave violations of international law. Home demolitions nearly always accompany Israeli construction and expansion of settlement colonies on the areas where the demolitions take place.

الأمم المتحدة: 666 وحدة استيطانية منذ بداية العام

الأمم المتحدة: 666 وحدة استيطانية منذ بداية العام الأحد, 20 سبتمبر 2009 القاهرة – «الحياة» أعلن مكتب الأمم المتحدة لتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية في الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة «أوتشا» في تقرير إن مكتب الإحصاء المركزي الإسرائيلي في شأن الأنشطة الاستيطانية أعلن البدء في بناء 666 وحدة سكنية جديدة في الضفة الغربية منذ بداية العام بخفض يقدر بنحو 34 في المئة عن النصف الأول من العام 2008 عندما بلغ عدد الوحدات السكنية الجديدة 1014 وحدة سكنية جديدة. وجاء في التقرير الذي تلقت «الحياه» نسخة منه أمس أن منظمة «السلام الآن» الإسرائيلية لاحظت بناء المستوطنات في الجانب الشرقي الفلسطيني للجدار العازل، والذي يقوم على أساس الخطط التي وافقت عليها الإدارة المدنية الإسرائيلية منذ عام وتنفذها المجالس المحلية والإقليمية، مشيراً إلى تنامي القلق في شأن المبادرة الى إقامة مستوطنات جديدة في قلب الأحياء الفلسطينية وتوسيع المستوطنات الحالية. وأوضحت أن المنظمة الإسرائيلية «ارعميم» أعلنت وجود نحو ألفي مستوطن في الأحياء الفلسطينية في القدس الشرقية، خصوصاً في المدينة القديمة والمناطق المحيطة بها منذ بداية كانون الثاني (يناير) الماضي. وذكر التقرير أن الأسبوع الماضي شهد زيادة كبيرة في أعمال عنف المستوطنين ضد المدنيين الفلسطينيين، اذ وقع 16 حادثاً تضمن هجمات جسدية وتدمير الممتلكات واطلاق النار على الفلسطينيين، ما ادى الى إصابة 19 فلسطينيا، مشيراً إلى وقوع نحو 269 حادثاً للفلسطينيين منذ مطلع العام. ولفت إلى وقوع نحو 269 حادثا للمستوطنين في الضفة الغربية منذ كانون الثاني الماضي، 41 منها نتجت عنها إصابة 108 فلسطينيين. وأضاف أن الجيش الإسرائيلي قرر إقامة محاكم عسكرية خاصة للأطفال الفلسطينيين دون سن الخامسة عشرة رداً على انتقادات جماعات حقوق الإنسان في شأن سجن نحو 250 طفلاً فلسطينياً في السجون الإسرائيلية حتى نهاية آب (أغسطس).


how it all begins…

a new colony has been created in khalil:

International observers in the Hebron area have reported that Israeli settlers living in violation of international law in the South Hebron Hills, in the southern West Bank, have constructed five new caravan trailers in an attempt to further expand the Ma’on settlement.

The international observers, with the Christian Peacemaker Teams stationed in the Hebron area, say that they noticed the new caravan trailers several days ago. They added that on Friday, Israeli settlers were spotted on a hillside even further outside the existing settlement, beginning preparatory work of clearing land to construct more caravans there.

This settlement expansion, which is ignored by the Israeli government charged with preventing it, comes at a time when the international community is calling for a freeze on new building in settlements and the disbanding of settlement outposts.

Over the past three months, internationals have also observed settlers constructing numerous new buildings in the nearby illegal Israeli outposts of Havat Ma’on (Hill 833) and Avigail.

According to the Christian Peacemaker Teams, since its establishment in 1981, Ma’on settlement has been a source of violence towards local Palestinians. The agricultural orchards of Ma’on are cultivated on private land belonging to a family from the nearby Palestinian village of At Tuwani. By 1997, ongoing settler violence forced the Palestinian inhabitants of three nearby villages (Sarura, Humra and Kharoubeh) to abandon their homes.

The original outpost of Havat Ma’on was established in July 1999, but was dismantled in September of that year by the Israeli military. The following year, the outpost was re-established on a nearby hilltop, Hill 833, and has remained and grown since then. Avigail outpost was established in 2001.

Settlers from Ma’on and Havat Ma’on attack and harass Palestinian children from Tuba and Maghayir al Abeed traveling to and from school in At Tuwani. In 2004, following two attacks on internationals accompanying the children, the Israeli Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights affirmed the need for a military escort for the school children. The escort continues five years later. Settlers from Avigail and Havat Ma’on outposts also regularly attack Palestinian shepherds grazing their sheep.

Israeli settlers living in the Hebron area have the highest rates of violence against the indigenous Palestinian population of any Israeli settlers in the West Bank. All Israeli settlements in the West Bank are constructed on land seized from the indigenous population by ongoing military force, and are thus considered illegal under international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory.

bedouin palestinians landless again

here is your daily dose of the ongoing nakba in palestine:

Palestinian Minister of State, Maher Ghneim, slammed a decision by the Israeli High Court to prepare a schedule for demolishing dozens of Palestinian structures in Al Sawiya and Yitma villages, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The number of structures in question is nearly 260. The settlers stated that the Bedouins, using the structures, are not indigenous to the area and that they came from different parts of the West Bank.

The decision came after an appeal was filed by a fundamental settler group against the Palestinians living in that area, especially after Israel decided to raze some illegal structures installed by the settlers on Palestinian lands.

The courts’ position disregards the fact that the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Bedouins are the natives of the country, and that they were the ones who were forced out of their homes and lands before and during the establishment of Israel on their homeland. The settlers said that the Palestinians are in the midst of constructing a home and a school in addition to some paths leading to their village.

The Palestinian structures in question are mud brick homes and small wooden huts, all built on what Israel claims to be ‘state owned lands’ within the boundaries of the illegal settlements of Kfar Adumim and Ma’aleh Adumim.

Ghneim said that the real danger in this decision is that it is considered the first step in dealing with thousands of Palestinian homes built in Area C, which is under Israeli control and not under the ‘control’ of the Palestinian Authority.

He added that the decision is part of a “racist Israeli settlement expansion policy”.

The minister further stated that Israel is challenging the International Community, the Quartet Committee and even the U.S. administration.

He said that Israel is ongoing with its illegal settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, including in occupied East Jerusalem, an issue which is considered the main obstacle that hinders the peace process.

Ghneim also said that settler organizations, encouraged by their government, are violating all related international resolutions, especially after Israel decided to construct 2500 homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied territories, in addition to the construction of 430 homes in Pisgat Zeev illegal settlement.

let me make a prediction: there will be a 32nd time

because colonialism doesn’t just exist in the west bank, this is a reminder of how palestinians in 1948 palestine must contend with their occupiers:

For the 31st time, Israeli Authorities demolished huts and removed tents used by the residents of the unrecognized Tawil Abu Jarwal Arab village in the Negev.

The villages said that Israel authorities are ongoing with their violations against the Bedouins and Arab villagers in the Negev, while the village head, Ibrahim Al Maliky, denounced the violation and stated that it is part of an ongoing Israeli policy against the Arabs.

He added that Israel did not even delay its attack at least until the Holy Muslim Month of Ramadan while the villagers are fasting.

Al Maliky further stated that the Israeli authorities are not granting construction permits for the residents while at the same time the construction of Jewish settlements and malls is ongoing. He added that the authorities must reach a solution and hold talks with the villagers.

The villagers said that they will not leave their lands, and will install tents and live in them.